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maintenance method of stainless steel ball valve

First: rough after the finished product, pickled, you must rinse, if there are sand holes or perforation, should be welded with argon arc welding. And then polished, and then solidification treatment;

Second: finished, after the completion of processing pressure test. Should be added with anti-rust powder water rinse.


Third: in the transport process as far as possible the use of wooden box packaging, do not touch metal products.

Fourth: After the installation of the pipeline, regular maintenance and maintenance, such as the valve stem often coated with oil. Properly open and close the valve several times. So that the ball, stem, sealing surface is not easy assimilation.

Stainless steel ball valve generally has a reduced diameter and not diameter channel two structures. Regardless of the structure, the ballast flow resistance coefficient is relatively small.

Only the same length of the pipeline frictional resistance, that is, in all valves, this ball valve flow resistance minimum. In the rocket launcher and its test system, the required resistance to the pipeline is as small as possible.

There are two ways to reduce the resistance of the piping system: first, to reduce the fluid flow rate, for which the need to increase the diameter and valve diameter, which for the piping system economy will often have adverse effects, especially for low temperature delivery system Liquid hydrogen) is extremely unfavorable.

(1) to reduce the local resistance of the valve, so the ball valve naturally became the best choice.

(2) Stainless steel ball valve opening and closing switch quickly and easily. As the ball valve in general, just turn the handle 90 ° to complete the full or full action, it is easy to achieve fast opening and closing. Can achieve fast opening and closing, some structure of the opening and closing time is only 0.05 ~ 0.1s, to ensure that can be used in the test bed automation system. Quick start and close the valve, the operation without impact.


(3) Stainless steel ball valve sealing performance is good. Most of the ball valve seats are made of PTFE and other elastic materials, metal and non-metallic materials composed of sealed vice, usually called soft seal. In general, the sealing of the soft seal is easy to guarantee, and the sealing surface of the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements are not high.

(4)Stainless steel ball valve long life. Because PTFE has good self-lubricating properties, friction and wear with the ball is small, and because of the improvement of the ball processing technology, the roughness is reduced, thereby improving the service life of the ball valve.

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