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Improved Process of Stainless Steel Channel

In view of the stainless steel channel steel in the production process of some of the problems, some of the existing improvements:


1, for the slow cooling of the cooling bed problem, in the cooling bed to increase the water mist fan to improve the cooling rate of the cooling zone, but also in the shear machine before a times to increase a group of water spray nozzle, Cut the part of the temperature, thus avoiding the high temperature caused by the shear defects.

2, for the sliver blade design problems, combined with the actual production situation. The width of the upper cutting edge from 100mm to 99mm, to reduce the upper cutting edge in the left and right direction of the gap to improve the two corners of the channel shear quality; under the cutting edge of the arc angle from R8mm to R7mm, to improve the two corners The width of the upper cutting edge is changed from 79mm to 80mm, and the width of the lower edge is changed from 97mm to 94mm, so that the inclination of the lower edge is lower than that of the finished steel , So that when the legs cut, the leg up and down will not force at the same time, thereby reducing the shear force to improve the shear quality.


Through the data regression analysis of the actual shear quality and shear gap of each channel, a specification of shear gap is established for each specification, specifically: 0.20 ~ 0.30mm for 63 # channel and 80 # 0.20 ~ 0.35mm, 100 # channel 0.25 ~ 0.35mm, 120 # channel 0.25 ~ 0.40mm, and make a thickness of 0.20 ~ 1.00mm different gasket. Each time you change the cutting edge, first measure the gap, and then select the appropriate gasket to ensure that the shear gap control in the process requirements.

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