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Hot Dip Galvanized sheets

Hot Dip Galvanized sheets

1, the principle of hot-dip zinc coating is zinc in the liquid state, three-step formation of the iron-based surface is dissolved zinc liquid form a zinc – iron alloy phase layer; alloy layer of zinc ions further into the base diffusion forming a zinc – iron solubility layer ; alloy surface layer enveloping the zinc layer.

2, the performance characteristics with a thicker dense pure zinc layer coated on the surface of steel fasteners, which avoids any contact with the steel substrate etching solution, protecting the substrate from corrosion steel fasteners. In the general atmosphere, the zinc layer surface to form a thin and dense layer of zinc oxide surface. It is difficult to dissolve in water, so the substrate steel fasteners play a protective role. If zinc oxide and other ingredients in the atmosphere to form insoluble zinc salts, the corrosion effect is more ideal; with zinc – iron alloy alloy layer, combined with the dense, performance-specific corrosion resistance in marine and industrial atmosphere, salt spray atmosphere; due to the combination firm, zinc – iron solubility, with strong wear resistance; Because zinc has good ductility, the alloy layer and steel substrate attached to a solid, and therefore can be galvanized cold-rolling, drawing, bending and other molding process, do not damage the coating; steel structure after hot-dip zinc, equivalent to a annealing treatment can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel substrate, eliminating stress molding steel welding, steel structures conducive to turning; heat dip zinc surface fastener after the bright and beautiful; pure zinc layer is a hot-dip zinc richest layer of galvanized plastic layer, which is close to the basic nature of pure zinc, has good ductility.

3, the scope of application of this plating method is particularly suitable for highly corrosive environment of various acid, alkali mist like. Such fasteners use a large amount of electricity tower construction.

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Hot Dip Galvanized

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