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Hot Dip Aluminum And Zinc Coil

Hot-Dip-Zinc-Coil      Hot-Dip-Aluminum-Coil

Hot dip aluminum and zinc coil:
Thickness (mm) : 0.3 ~ 3.0
Width (mm) : 600 ~ 1600
The single weight (tons) : 5 ~ 14
(inner diameter (mm) : 508/610
Coil diameter (mm) : MAX: 1900
Coating types: pure zinc coating (GL)
Zinc alloy plating: (GL)
The galvanized layer: 60 ~ 275
Aluminum and zinc plating layer: 60 ~ 160

Hot dip aluminum and zinc coil is a kind of products formed from the cold rolled in continuous hot dip aluminum zinc alloy the pot. Coating of aluminum zinc alloy reasonable proportion; The weight of the aluminum weight ratio of 55%, zinc ratio is 43.4%.

Product usage:
Indoor and outdoor decoration, electrical and electronic products, auto parts and pipes and so on.

Product features:
Corrosion resistance: in the experimental temperature and salt spray experiment showed that hot corrosion resistance of aluminium zinc steel plate a more excellent than galvanized steel.

Processability, hot workability of aluminium zinc steel plate and hot dip galvanized steel sheet is the same, especially in the forming section of crack is less than galvanized steel.

Painting: for office and general purpose, do not need pretreatment and weathering process can go up lacquer, and galvanized steel need this kind of treatment.

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