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Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Plate

Heat-Treatment-of-Stainless-Steel-Plates Heat-Treatment-of-Stainless-Steel-Plate

Question 1: What color stainless steel decorative plate with the most?
Question 2: plate heat treatment, what are the main content?

The above two questions are on the stainless steel plate, but also the probability of more problems, so below, we have to answer these two questions to help you answer questions and answers, so that we can in the stainless steel in the thick Board of this understanding can go a step further.

1. What color stainless steel decorative plate with the most?

A: stainless steel plate, which means the thickness of 4.5-25 mm stainless steel plate, if the thickness of more than 25 mm, but less than 100 mm, then it is a stainless steel plate.

The use of stainless steel plate is very broad, can be used to make containers, bridges, etc., and some parts and welding components, but in the kitchen is not used in the plate. The thick plate, is mainly used to make large pressure vessels.

2. Plate heat treatment, which are the main content? On this issue, the following points in several parts, the specific content is as follows.

Plate heat treatment, mainly in order to improve and enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties of Zhouhou Ban, specifically speaking, is to improve its toughness, the elimination of residual stress.

Generally, the heat treatment can be divided into normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering and tempering according to the heating and cooling of the heat treatment. The equipment used is quenching furnace, tempering furnace, normalizing furnace, roller hearth furnace As well as a floor furnace, etc., in order to be able to perform these operations.


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