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Galvanized steel wire & wire mesh

Galvanized steel wire (galvanized steel wire) is the 45 #, 65 #, 70 # and other high-quality carbon structural steel drawing, and then by galvanized (electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized) from.

Galvanized steel wire mesh is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh and cold galvanized steel wire mesh these two kinds. Galvanized steel wire mesh is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, which is made by precise automatic mechanical welding technology. The surface of the galvanized steel wire is smooth and firm. The galvanized steel wire mesh is locally cut or partially under pressure. Phenomenon, after the steel mesh forming galvanized (hot dip) corrosion resistance is good, with the general steel mesh does not have the advantage, can be used as external wall insulation series.

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Galvanized steel wire mesh can be used as poultry cage, egg basket, channel fence, drainage slot, porch fence, rodent control network, mechanical protective cover, livestock and plant fence, grill, etc., are widely used in industry, agriculture, Transportation, mining and other industries. Mainly used in the general external walls of buildings, pouring concrete, high-rise residential, insulation system plays an important role in the construction of the hot-dip galvanized steel mesh polystyrene board will be placed on the inside of the external wall mold casting , External insulation board and the wall of a survival, after the demolition of the insulation board and the wall into one, thus saving manpower, time and installation costs. The selected hot-dip galvanized steel mesh polystyrene plate is large, light, easy construction, exterior finishes can be used for tile, simple operation, the winter can be carried out construction.

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Galvanized steel wire

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