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Color coated aluminum coil is a special coating on the surface of the aluminum plate coloring treatment, due to aluminum gold performance is very stable, not easy to corrosion, surface after special treatment (fluorocarbon coating) can guarantee at least 30 years without fading, and because of the different paint has different functions.


Color coated aluminum coil is divided into two categories according to the different coating layer, polyester coating (PE) and fluorocarbon coating (PVDF). Fluorocarbon coating is using fluorine resin coating series referred to as main film forming materials, it is a kind of new coating materials after modification, processing in fluorine resin based on form, its main characteristic is the resin containing a large number of F-C bonds, the bond energy of 485KJ/mol in all chemical bonds called first. Under the action of heat and light (including ultraviolet light), F-C is difficult to break, so it shows the long durability and chemical resistance.

Coating thickness of Color coated aluminum coil

1.Can be divided into single coating (4 um-20 um); double coated (25 um-28 um); tri-coating (35 um-38 um);
2.The surface of a variety of patterns, has also been a grain of aluminum roll, stone grain aluminum roll, brick pattern, camouflage aluminum roll, cloth, aluminum rolls, etc.

Application of Color coated aluminum coil:is mainly used in building decoration materials, household appliances, food packaging (cans), transportation and other fields.

1)Building decoration materials: roof board, ceiling ceiling board, honeycomb board, insulation board, shutter door, shutter Window, aluminum curtain wall plate
2)Materials for household electrical appliances: range hood, refrigerator, air conditioner, refrigerator freezer, etc.
3)Food packaging: top cans, cans pull ring, aerosol spray cover
4)Transportation: the outer shell of the box type truck, the inner wall of the box truck, and the inside of the vehicle.


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