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cold galvanized sheet supplier in China

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Electro-galvanized, commonly known as cold galvanizing, is the use of electrochemical way, the zinc ingot as the anode, zinc atoms lose electrons into the electrolyte state dissolved into the electrolyte, and steel as a cathode, zinc ions in the steel by electron reduction into Zinc atoms are deposited on the surface of the strip to form a coating.

Hot dip galvanized steel plate is the first pickling, in order to remove the surface of iron oxide, pickled, ammonium chloride or zinc chloride solution or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed solution tank for cleaning, and then sent Into a hot dip plating bath.

Cold galvanized sheet supplier in China

1. Hot-dip galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet in the coating structure is fundamentally different. Hot dip galvanized sheet pure zinc coating and the steel substrate with a layer of slightly brittle between the compound layer, pure zinc coating crystallization mostly formed zinc flower, uniform coating without pores. The galvanized zinc layer is only deposited on the strip surface precipitation, but also by physical attachment to the surface of the strip, there are many holes dry, easily due to corrosive media caused by pitting, so hot galvanized sheet than electro-galvanized sheet More resistant to corrosion.

2. Hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized sheet heat treatment process is completely different, hot-dip galvanized sheet is generally a cold plate as raw material, continuous annealing and hot dip galvanizing line galvanized steel strip in a short time after the smell of heating And cooling, so the strength and plasticity by a certain impact, the stamping performance than the same cold plate by professional production line degreasing annealing cold rolled plate difference. Electro-galvanized sheet to cold-rolled plate as raw material, basically to ensure the same cold-rolled plate processing performance, but its complex process also increased production costs. In short, the hot galvanized sheet production costs lower, a wider range of applications, has become the main varieties of galvanized sheet market.

Generally used galvanized steel pipe, galvanized sheet, etc. are hot galvanized, and the electrical use of the trunking, etc. are used in cold galvanized, cold galvanized sheet wider scope of application, the production process is more complex because Production costs will be higher, the market price is relatively high number.


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