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classification of colored stainless steel plate

Sort by surface effect
Mirror plate (8K), drawing board (LH), frosted board, and pattern plate, sandblasting board, etching plate, embossing board, composite board (combination board).

1, color stainless steel mirror plate
8K board, also known as mirror panel, with a polishing solution through the polishing equipment in the stainless steel plate surface polishing, so that the board as smooth as the mirror light, and then plating color.


2, color stainless steel drawing plate
Pull board (LH), also known as hair pattern, because the lines like hair slender and straight. Its surface like a filamentous texture, which is a stainless steel processing technology. The surface is matte, look carefully above a trace of a trace of texture, but not touch out, than the general bright stainless steel wear, looks more on the grade of some. There are a variety of lines, hairline (HL), snowflake (NO4), and pattern (pattern), cross-pattern, cross-pattern, etc. All lines are made by oil And then electroplated.

3, color stainless steel sandblasting plate
Sandblasting plate with zirconium beads through the mechanical equipment in the stainless steel plate surface processing, so that the board surface showing fine beads of sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Then electroplated coloring.

4, color stainless steel combination process sheet
According to the process requirements, will be polished hair, coating, etching, sandblasting and other processes focused on the same board for a combination of process processing. Then electroplated coloring.

5, color stainless steel and grain plate
Whether it is and the plate, or drawing board and so belong to one of the frosted board, but the surface of these types of plate is not the same, so that is not the same.

classification-of-colored-stainless-steel-plates classification-of-colored-stainless-steel-sheet

6, color stainless steel etching plate
Color stainless steel etching plate is in the surface of the object through the chemical method, corrosion a variety of patterns. To 8K mirror plate or drawing board as the bottom plate, after etching treatment, the surface of the object and then deep processing, can be local and pattern, drawing, embedded gold, local titanium and other complex process to achieve the pattern of light and dark, color Brilliant effect.

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