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buy stainless steel sheets

With the development of the society, in our lives, the stainless steel is widely used. One of the most kind is SS sheet. If buy stainless steel sheets. We need to know some information.

According to the production method, there are two produce technique: cold rolled and hot rolled. Generally, the thickness below 3mm is cold rolled, and the hot rolled is above 3mm. Besides, the hot rolled steel sheet above 3mm also called stainless steel “plate”.

When buy stainless steel sheets, we need to know:
The grade like:
The surface: No.1,2B,BA,No.3,No.4,HL,No.8.

When you buy stainless steel sheets, do you know the usage ? It is widely used in chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, oil and atomic energy industry, and construction, kitchenware, tableware, automobile, household appliances all kinds of spare parts.

Some sizes of stainless steel sheets:

Cold rolled:
304 2B: 0.3-3.0*1000*2000/1219*2438. 1.0-6.0*1500*3000/6000.
316 2B: 0.3-3.0*1000*2000/1219*2438. 3.0-6.0*1500*3000/6000.
321 2B: 0.5-3.0*1000*2000/1219*2438. 3.0-6.0*1500*3000/6000

Hot rolled:
201: 3-4*1220/1500*6000 5-8*1500*6000
304 No.1: 3-6*1500*6000 8-12*1500*6000 14-20*1500*6000 22-80*1500*6000
316L No.1: 3-6*1500*6000 8-12*1500*6000 14-100*1500*6000
321 No.1: 3*1219*2438/1500*6000 4-6*1500*6000 8-12*1500*6000 14-60*1500*6000

We Jawaysteel corporation has nearly 20 years fruitful experience. We are the leader manufacturer in the line. Cooperated with CNPC, Porsche and TOYOTA, etc. Self-esteem, self-confidence and mutual benefit is our core spirit, “consider more and service more for our client” is our basic motto. If buy stainless steel sheets. Welcome new and existing client to inquiry.

stainless steel sheet
stainless steel sheets

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