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alloy 601 alloy bar cheap price in stock

High temperature alloy refers to the iron, nickel, cobalt-based, at 600 ℃ above the high temperature and a certain stress under the long-term work of a class of metal materials; and has a high temperature strength, good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, Good fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive performance.


Alloy 601 superalloy is a single austenite structure, has good structure stability and reliability at various temperatures. Based on the above performance characteristics, alloy 601 superalloy alloying degree is higher, also known as "super Alloy ", is widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, ship an important material.

According to the matrix elements to points, high temperature alloy is divided into iron, nickel, cobalt and other high-temperature alloys. Iron-based superalloy use temperature can only reach 750 ~ 780 ℃, for higher temperature in the use of heat-resistant parts, the use of nickel-based and refractory metal-based alloy. Nickel-based superalloys occupy a particularly important place in the field of superalloys, which are widely used to manufacture aerospace engines, the hottest components of various industrial gas turbines.

Alloy 601 alloy bar cheap price in stock

This alloy has the following characteristics:
1. High temperature with excellent oxidation resistance
2. Very good resistance to carbonization
3. can be a good antioxidant sulfur atmosphere
4. Good mechanical properties at room temperature and at high temperatures
5. Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking performance due to control of carbon content and grain size, with a high creep rupture strength, so the above 500 ℃ in the field recommended the use of the alloy.


Metallographic structure: for the face-centered cubic lattice structure.
Corrosion resistance: An important performance of the alloy is that it can be resistant to oxidation at temperatures up to 1180 ° C. Even in very harsh conditions, such as heating and cooling cycle, can produce a layer of dense oxide film and get a high anti-peeling. Has a good resistance to carbonization. Due to a higher chromium, aluminum content, in high temperature sulfur atmosphere has a good antioxidant.

Alloy 601 alloy bar Applications: Nuclear power generation equipment, heat exchangers, heat transfer pipes, bellows compensators, heat treatment steam baskets, chemical evaporators, distillers, acid and alkali industrial machines, jet engine components, turbojet engines Of the fueled parts, 538 ° C chlorination equipment, alkaline pulp equipment, high temperature chlorine gas treatment equipment, heat treatment furnace parts and other parts used at high temperatures.


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