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904L stainless steel pipe production process

High-end nickel material 904L stainless steel pipe production process standards and requirements, stainless steel seamless pipe bundles in the pickling tank before the first wash, the purpose is to clean the steel pipe surface dirt, to prevent pollution of acid, 70 ~ 80 ℃ hot water to speed up the washing speed and preheated stainless steel tube, to avoid cold down into the tank acid acid temperature drop.


After pickling 904L stainless steel pipe must be carried out in order to clean and rinse, the role is well removed in the stainless steel tube surface of ferrous salt crystal, residual acid and other dirt. Wash the best with hot water to facilitate the dissolution of ferrous salt. When rinsing, place the stainless steel tubing on the table with the inclination (inclination to 30 °), and the end of the hammer is placed on the higher side of the table.

With 12 or so high pressure water from top to bottom layer of washing in turn. For the subsequent 904L stainless steel seamless tubes with unintentional rods, only the outer surface can be flushed. For the future of stainless steel tube drawn from the heart, both inside and outside the surface must be washed until each steel stainless steel pipe flows out of the water so far.

For some high standards of 904L stainless steel seamless pipe, after cleaning, rinse, and sometimes also scrub. Scrub in the flow of water, the outer surface with linen, the inner surface with a diameter greater than the diameter of stainless steel brush scrub. After scrubbing steel stainless steel pipe should be immediately put into the water, to avoid staying in the air for too long, before sending to the next process and then lift.

Stainless steel seamless tube pickling is to further carry out the next step process, the general cold-rolled stainless steel tube inside and outside the surface also need hygiene grade polishing, this time the surface of the steel pipe must be clean, can not have acid residue, so pickled Flush must be clean.


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