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6061 alloy aluminum plate is the heat treatment of pre-stretching process of high-quality aluminum alloy products, with excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and deformation after processing, easy coating, good oxidation and other characteristics, in the annealing After still able to maintain good operability.

As the 6061 alloy products have excellent weldability, corrosion resistance and cold workability, is a wide range of use, promising alloys, widely used in the requirements of a certain strength and high resistance to antibacterial high corrosion of various industrial structural parts.

6061 alloy aluminum plate is a more mature product, the market demand is high, with 6061 alloy products in the new industry continues to use, the market for domestic aluminum processing enterprises production capacity and production technology requirements are also rising.

JawaySteel company has now made "weapons and equipment quality management system certification", "China Classification Society factory accreditation certificate" and "SGS automotive aluminum certification", while by virtue of ISO14000 international certification, the production of 6061 alloy aluminum has been exported abroad, In a variety of emerging industries.

In September 2015, JawaySteel hot rolling production line successfully put into production, can produce all the 1-8 series of alloy, the annual output of 200,000 tons, to ensure that JawaySteel company’s efficient production capacity.


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