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440C stainless steel tube in stock


440C stainless steel tube is mainly used for the high gloss decorative purposes in the moderate atmosphere, such as the household appliance parts, the tableware, and the washing tank.

The diameter of tube : (6-25) x wall thickness (0.1-3) TM A269 / A270 / A312 or mutual negotiation.

The followings are the characteristics of the 440C stainless steel tube,
1)Excellent deep drawing performance.
2) Strong corrosion resistance to oxidation of acid, alkali and most organic and inorganic acid.
3) Price is cheap.
4) Cold rolled product appearance good brightness.
5) Thermal expansion coefficient and high oxidation resistance, suitable for thermal equipment.


Jaway Steel Corporation are professional manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel tube. As a integrated steel solution supplier, we are ready to serve you with qualified quality and favorable price. 440C stainless steel tube is rare in market since its special material.

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