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4130 alloy structural steel plate and bar

Alloy structural steel has the suitable hardenability, after the suitable metal heat treatment, the microstructure of sorbite, bainite or very fine pearlite uniform, so it has high tensile strength and yield ratio (usually around 0.85), toughness and high fatigue strength, and ductile brittle transition temperature low, can be used in the manufacture of machine parts of larger section size.


4130 alloy structural steel is one of common grade in the market.
The corresponding grades are :China GB/JB 0crmo,Japan JIS SCM435,America AIS/SAE 4130,Germany DIN 34CrMo4/1.7220.

Chemical composition of 4130 alloy structural steel


Performance and Application of 4130 alloy structural steel:
1)4130 structural steel has high strength and toughness, high hardenability;
2)Thermal strength is also good, at 500 degrees Celsius with sufficient high temperature strength;
3)Good machinabilit.

This steel is usually used in the quenched and tempered state, when the carbon content of the lower limit of the steel can also be used as a higher strength of the heart carburizing steel. In the medium-sized machinery manufacturing industry is mainly used in the manufacture of large cross-section, in high stress conditions of the quenched and tempered parts, such as shaft, spindle and the high load of the steering wheel, bolts, studs, gears, etc …


In the chemical industry Used in the manufacture of welding parts, sheet and pipe composition of the welding structure and in the hydrogen-containing medium with the temperature does not exceed 250 ℃ high-pressure pipe; in the steam turbine, boiler manufacturing industry for the manufacture of 450 ℃ below the work of fasteners, 500 ℃ below the high-pressure flange and nut, especially suitable for the manufacture of 300 atmospheric pressure, 400 ℃ below the work of the catheter.

This material is widely used in piston, screw, drive shaft, machine tools, springs, manufacturing injection mold push plate, lock wedge, die sets, reset rods, larger diameter push rod, core fixed plate and other structures.

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