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304 stainless steel use will greatly enhance the range

The overall performance of the stainless steel market is far less than expected, excess capacity is not solved. But in this context, the development of potential environmentally friendly stainless steel products may be able to open up the market a major breakthrough in the Blue Ocean.

In recent years, with the continuous advance of urbanization, and the resulting increase in the consumption of urban residents, but also stimulated the incremental construction of the decorative needs of existing buildings with the decoration requirements, and the national and local governments at all levels for the protection The construction of housing has been increasing year by year.


Affordable housing construction will also become a new growth point of full renovation of residential. Among them, due to the structure of sophisticated, advanced technology, increased functionality to the main plate of stainless steel products widely used in the architectural decoration industry, showing a remarkable good prospects for development.

At the same time from this year, the new version of “green building evaluation standards” has been formally implemented, green building is an important part of the green economy, and green building can not be separated from green decoration.

In addition, environmental protection with stainless steel in the construction of decoration, security and other areas of the application is also more and more widely, including roads, parking, staircase handrails and so on. In 304,316,316 L and other commonly used austenitic stainless steel, China still need to develop and apply other new varieties of 304 stainless steel to meet the needs of different areas.

On the whole, environmentally friendly stainless steel products in a variety of forms and large demand for space continue to extend the development, will be more and more favored by the industry, but also to a certain extent, help the stainless steel market out of another broad road.

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