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304 stainless steel flat steel with market price


304 stainless steel flat steel downstream demand gradually released, but from the perspective of supply and demand, high inventories remain under pressure, stainless steel flat steel market oversupply embarrassing situation in the short term is difficult to ease, another steel mill, the production cost of the steel mills about ton to 500 yuan, profit is considerable, so the 304 foot flat stainless steel flat steel factory production, and after the meeting, steel blast furnace capacity continues to rebound, coupled with the current demand in the traditional peak season.

We all think that even if you don’t crazy 304 stainless steel flat steel prices, but also can’t deep down, so the mentality to face the market play a support, so the supply in constant pressure, and the demand side, the downstream buy or not to buy up psychological serious, terminal in February when the market price to pull up a lot more stock up, at a time when construction starts.


So 304 stainless steel flat steel inventories enough to maintain the basic demand, and downstream of the current operation is a small amount of inventory, low, wait-and-see atmosphere all the more full-bodied, the recent more than 20 cities on the property market overweight upgrades, cooling housing market, the market mentality, for the 304 stainless steel flat steel price movements formed certain bearish, contradiction between supply and demand in the short term or for restricting stainless steel flat steel prices.

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