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304 Stainless Steel Band


304 stainless steel band is a kind of common stainless steel materials, corrosion prevention is better than 200 series stainless steel materials.High resistance to high temperature also is better, can to 1000-1200 degrees.304 stainless steel has good corrosion and corrosion resistance and good resistance to inter granular corrosion.

201 grade and 304 grade are the common material of the stainless steel,regarding to the difference between there is 201 is the manganese content is higher, the surface is very bright with dark light, with high manganese is easy to rust.304 containing chromium is more, surface is matte, not rust. Both together are compared.The corrosion resistance of the most important thing is different, the corrosion resistance of 201 is very poor, so the price will be much cheaper. And since 201 nickel is low, so the price is lower than that of the 304, and corrosion resistant performance is better than 304.

As 316 and 304 on the chemical composition of the main difference is that contains 316 Mo, and generally accepted, the 316 has better corrosion resistance, more than 304 under the environment of high temperature corrosion resistance.So under the environment of high temperature, 316 engineers typically select material components.

As the 304 stainless steel band used widely in our daily life,such as household utensils/cabinet/indoor pipeline/water heater/boiler/bath),auto parts winds hield wiper/muffler/molded products, medical appliances, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, parts of the ship.


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