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3 large standard stainless steel sheet when to get audit?


The major stainless steel enterprises in the domestic equipment and technological level of a substantial increase, there have been a large number of new stainless steel plate grades and specifications, the original stainless steel standards have been unable to adapt to the current development needs of stainless steel.

TISCO to the National Steel Standardization Technical Committee proposed amendments to the 3 large stainless steel sheet national standard application for the project, and in January 2013 was approved project.

To this end, TISCO focused on product development, standards, inspection and marketing and other aspects of the outstanding experts to set up a standard revision team, extensive solicitation of industry enterprises, experts and user opinions on the basis of a large number of experimental demonstration, the formation of standard revised draft.


The revision of the standard by the relevant state ministries, industry associations and the community’s attention. The national steel standard steel plate sub-technical committee in the audit before the organization held, including the special steel association of stainless steel branch and other professional bodies, the famous domestic stainless steel experts and stainless steel production enterprises and user representatives to participate in the standard discussion, the draft standard was fully discuss.

The meeting affirmed the standard design principles and framework proposed by TISCO and agreed that 200 series stainless steel was not included in the new national standard because of the shoddy 200 system flooding the market, poor corrosion resistance and difficult recovery.

TISCO from the eighties of last century has been leading the standard revision of stainless steel sheet work, the new stainless steel national standard revision to the latest version of the American standard as the basic basis, reference to the Japanese standard and the requirements of the European standard, combined with the development of domestic stainless steel, The formation of China is currently more systematic.

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