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201 stainless steel titanium plate suppliers

JawaySteel Company actively conducts the theme of "quality of the month", focusing on the theme of "strengthening the quality base and creating the quality value" of the company, and carrying out the "Quality Month" activities with the theme of "improving the quality system and solving the quality problems" The principle of good quality work.


First, strengthen publicity and education, and further improve the quality of workers awareness. We carried out "quality month" mobilization meeting by group leader and above. The use of OA, display panels, large screen, the factory publicity materials for extensive publicity. We will discuss the activities of "quality discussion" and "quality defects", and discuss the problems such as operation, process service and quality responsibility. We will discuss the loopholes in the aspects of production organization, process operation, equipment maintenance, logistics and transportation.

Second, do a good job of plant-level, Section and team three quality management. Clear the duties of managers at all levels, the quality of work responsibilities to the post, the responsibility to the people, do a good job tracking process. Strengthen the quality of all levels of quality management education and professional training. To carry out the quality indicators between the labor competition activities, to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers to enhance the quality.

Third, to further improve the quality management system. Comprehensive management of quality management system, for the new production projects, new improved technology, the new operating procedures to sort out the revised. To further improve the process of operation process monitoring system, the formation of the whole plant production quality control points to remind the mechanism. Combing carbon steel, stainless steel process quality control problems. Fourth, strengthen the quality control of key steel, concentrate on solving outstanding quality problems. 201 stainless steel titanium plate, stainless steel 304, heat-resistant steel, dual-phase steel, 400 series, and carbon steel package crystal steel, high strength steel, cold rolled silicon steel and other key steel focus control, arrange hand tracking guide.

Do a good job of raw material inspection, smelting control, continuous casting operation, the rear grinding four links of control. Five is to do the experience to sum up the exchange, to consolidate the quality of results. Summed up in the quality of the work of a good practice, good team, good workers, in the whole plant for the exchange of experience. Publicity proactive, the courage to play, do solid work, the quality of the culture of excellence.


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